Introducing WattPlot™ for Homeowners and Researchers!

WattPlot is the most user-friendly comprehensive software available for monitoring performance data from OutBack renewable energy systems.  If you have an Outback Mate and a serial cable to connect it to your computer, you can now see at a glance precisely what your system is doing and what it has done, every day, down to the second!

The monitor program plots performance data in real-time, as it happens!

It can even monitor a Mate in a remote location, over a network or the internet!

WattPlot screen, showing real-time pen plots for an MX charge controller and an FX inverter

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Feature Summary:

bulletDisplays a real-time scrolling pen plot of all inverter and charge controller activity, as it happens.
bulletLogs and archives all data coming from the MATE (per second) in a proprietary compressed format, and optionally as the raw MATE data.
bulletAllows viewing of all historical activity (second-by-second, if desired).
bulletSupports remote monitoring of a Mate by one or more PCs (through TCP/IP).
bulletCan be run unlicensed as a free sophisticated Viewer, allowing you to view your system from anywhere, and allowing anyone to view precise performance from logs you can email.
bulletMulti-Document Interface (MDI) can show pen plots for multiple devices.
bulletCan combine output for multiple stacked inverters or multiple charge controllers on to one plot.
bulletTracks almost every setting on the MATE, with on-line help that exceeds any documentation available from OutBack.  (PRO version)
bulletOptionally logs all mode changes, warnings, and errors.  You know precisely what happened and when.
bulletGenerates power usage data as spreadsheet files, openable by any spreadsheet application.
bulletTransmits commands to the MATE on demand, or by user-defined triggers.
bulletCan automatically respond to user programmable alerts or scheduled events, sending emails, MATE commands, and more.  (PRO version)
bulletKeeps important battery bank records, such as equalization charges, specific gravity readings, and more.  (PRO version)
bulletSupports systems with multiple MATEs.  (PRO version)

Mate Settings window


Some Comments from the Experts

"I've seen a couple of other companies attempt to do this, but I really like the simplicity of the interface as Andrew showed me how it tracks and logs every second of performance of his LAKOTA-based hybrid system . . . Andrew's done a very nice job of making a good intuitive interface.  He's made the necessarily complex control structures of the Outback easy to manipulate.  WattPlot displays the simple performance data of any parameters you want to know about. . . how much power is the system making right now, last night? . . or last month? . . and what configuration is best for my system to get the best performance? . . . Outback has made a beautifully versatile power management and control system with lots of very useful features.  All it needs is a little WattPlot to make it more user friendly for the average-techie who wants to see the power of the whole system, second by second or over the last month."

- Dave Cooke - True North Power (Outback Dealer)
Extracted from an article in Free Wind News

"You might want to try something like the http://WattPlot.com/ SumMATE program to quickly turn the data into useful information."

- Kurt Lundquist, Alpha Energy Systems Engineer
Extracted from an OutBack Forum post

"I'd like to tell you what a pleasure it is to be working with WattPlot 4.2.5-XP with all the bells and whistles embedded and accessible using Win XP available in the "High Color - 32bit" mode.  The additional information makes the NT version seem so Spartan!  Additionally, the transition from 31 Dec '08 to 01 Jan '09 was seamless ... leap second included.
Now that I have a modern laptop with WI-FI and Blue Tooth installed, I may try remote accessing my WattPlot data (I will have to read all about it before I try ... )
Thanks again for making the migration painless !!!
PS: Thanks also for your relentless pursuit of program perfection and customer support!"

- Dave Lazok, Buena Park, CA

"The capture capability proved very useful.  I used graph from March and last month to prove to my installer that something had changed when he replaced a FET board in one of the inverters.  He is now a believer in your software."

- Andreas Jensen, Irving, TX

"I just wanted to take a moment relate my experience with this system over the years and to thank Mr. Welch for his prompt and courteous customer support.  I have found the WattPlot software to be an integral and indispensable tool in this renewable energy installation."

- David Demos, Leland, NC

"WattPlot PRO is the first site I use daily and depend on it constantly to monitor my system.  If my computer is on, WattPlot PRO is on."

- Ray Nicholls, Willard, MO

"I must say that the system, your companyís response for activation, and accompanying documentation all worked well to make the installation a snap, and this comes from one who was in the high-tech industry for 30 years."

- Ken Schwantje, St. Lawrence Collegeís Energy House, Ontario, Canada

"Over the past year, iCeL Systems has joined forces with WattPlot, a comprehensive software tool which provides real-time reporting on renewable energy system data.  WattPlot allows iCeL customers to monitor their energy storage systems remotely via desktop or smart phone.  For the Anaheim Energy Field project, iCeL CTO Dr. Ryan Wartena, made some special requests of WattPlot.  Wartena was extremely impressed with WattPlotís ability to completely exceed expectations by developing a whole new product to meet iCeLís needs for the Energy Field, which feeds into the Anaheim Public Utility grid."

- iCeL Systems

"When I first began researching monitoring solutions (before my system was even installed), I was pleased to find that there were several options available.  WattPlot seemed the best fit for what I wanted to achieve. When I contacted Andrew Welch about the system summary logging, I expected an answer along the lines of "We don't do that, but maybe someday in a future release..."  However, Andrew sent an enthusiastic reply, and in short order, a beta version of the latest WattPlot software for me to try that included the new feature I had requested.  Awesome!!"

- Sallye Holloway, WoofPower.us

"WattPlot is pretty much exactly what we were looking for in terms of a product to monitor the Outback equipment.
We've been using WattPlot for quite some time now, and it's continued to correctly interpret data from our long-range serial server system, and provide us all of the useful data that we've needed.  It's a superb program, and I can't thank you enough for the help you've given us in implementing it.
Thanks so much for such a wonderful product.  It's really made my life a lot easier (having been pressed into the role of expert on the power-generation system here at the company)."

- Brian Adamson, Jeffus & Williams, Juneau, Alaska

"I just [...] downloaded and read your user's guide for WattPlot.  Wow - that's just exactly what I wanted!  It even has pictures of the hardware connectors!  I also want to compliment your tech writer.  Very user-friendly user guide.  So many 'user guides' are still in 'tech-ese'!
I'm so excited to get data collection all the time!!  It makes it so much easier to analyze what's going on.
Finally, I wanted to say that I'm so glad your programming background inspired you to write this program.  I don't have a programming background, but I'm a systems analyst, so that's exactly what I was trying to do - gather enough information to analyze the effect of the various settings.  The Outback manuals aren't very user-friendly (they need your tech writer, obviously), although they're getting better.  Even their explanations of the settings are like reading Greek.
I'm going to get a cable to interface my computer as soon as I can, and download your WattPlot software.  THANKS!!!"

- Loretta Liefveld, Three Rivers, CA

"WattPlot is a really nice piece of software and we recommend it to customers on a regular basis."

- Matt James, Customer Service Manager, OutBack Power Systems

"I'm monitoring my remote solar system in Maine, which is 2 hrs away from my home in Massachusetts.  Your program works great with a Verizon MIFI router, OpenVPN, and Remote Desktop.  I'm interested in someday looking into the TCP/IP capabilities of your system but right now it's working great so I am happy.  [...]  Thanks for making a great product at a great price.  I've looked at the other Outback monitoring systems and your product definitely has the most bang for your buck."

- Tim Piper, Newburyport, MA

"I was really glad your initial response to my suggestions (way back when) was to gather more information, and not the standard "we'll think about that for the next release".
One nice thing about WattPlot is the constant logging to disk.  With WinVerter, if a power failure or other event occurs during the night/early morning hours, I have no way of knowing what time we switched to battery power until after midnight (when the logs are saved to disk).  Utility power went out Friday at 3:10am, and the batteries died at 6:00am after the coffee pot turned on at 5:30.
This is an excellent piece of software.  Now, if only Outback would make the Mate with two-way communication, so I could use this software to program the system as well..."

and several years later...

"WattPlot has been excellent for me, and has been running almost non-stop on an old laptop for several years now, so I have no complaints.  I haven't upgraded to the latest version yet, still running version 4.2.4 on Windows XP, but I plan to upgrade soon."

- James Stringham, http://www.wiseowlnetworks.us

"WOW!!! This is an amazing program! The description and screen shots do not do it justice. I'm not sure I will ever master it, but it should be all that I ever need.  As I mentioned in an earlier email, I hope to be adding a wind component shortly.  It will be VERY interesting to see those results.  I'm excited to see the graph results of the MX - if we EVER see the sun again that is!!  I'm still 'playing' around with the program and have managed to turn off the power in the house - I had inadvertently turned off the inverter and then dropped the AC input, all from WattPlot.  Amazing!!"

- Ron Bell, Ontario, Canada

"What I have seen in the data logging area is excellent, exactly what I expected.  WattPlot is easy to install, easy to configure and produces great output.  I am happy with it.  The manual is a model of style and easy understanding.  I will be purchasing the WattPlot today as I don't want to miss any days of the system's operation."

- Toby Brine - British Columbia, Canada

"During the run thru with the [client] we had to check open circuit voltages for all the PV modules.  It was our second day onsite the barge was leaving soon, we were slightly rushed but enjoying ourselves, and as I checked voltages at each breaker at the PV combiner boxes one fellow went ahead and unlocked the other boxes, while another trailed behind and tugged on wires and flipped the breakers back on.  At the end of the day while I was showing off the WattPlot software I noticed two of the 6 MX's were not charging.  If it wasn't for the clear layout of the software, and the ability to compare devices all on one screen, I would have never of realized that a bunch of breakers hadn't been flipped back on.  That's when I was sold."

- Jason Lerner, Waldron Power and Light Co., WA

"Wow, great program -- much, much better than WinVerter -- now I'm glad they didn't respond or I wouldn't have found your program.  I'm sure I'll be purchasing soon.... just want to spend a little time with the program and the in-depth manual.  Thanks!"

- Kit Watkins

"It's been up and running now since last Monday and so far I'm very impressed and happy with the product.  You obviously spent a great deal of time and did a fantastic job.  It's pretty much exactly what I was looking for!!!  Thanks"

and over a year later...

"I sure hope WattPlot sales make up for the amount of support you provide to us users.  So far itís certainly been a pleasure dealing with you personally and I canít say enough good about the software.  Without WattPlot the Outback systems are just a bunch of expensive, pretty lights!!!!"

- Ric Murphy, Ontario, Canada

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WattPlot customized Remote, feeding a beautiful Flash display


NOTICE: As of January 1, 2015, the older version of the WattPlot Monitor software (version 4) is being PHASED OUT.  Support for that program (WattPlot.exe, version 4.7.3 and earlier) will also be phased out over the coming year.

The next generation of WattPlot Monitor (version 5) is now in production!  There are also more options of tools to select from. We strongly recommend that you start with the latest, more powerful software (with full MATE3 and Radian support).

You can read about and DOWNLOAD VERSION 5 by clicking here.

If we have advised you to load version 4, or you need to reload an existing installation,
you can still download the older program for a limited time:

WattPlot 4 is compatible with most versions of Windows, including VMWare emulations.
For Windows Vista, 7, or 8, the install must be performed in Administrator mode,
and WattPlot should be run in
XP-compatible mode.

You can DOWNLOAD the much better VERSION 5 by clicking here.

Once you have confirmed that Wattplot is perfect for your needs,
you can order a permanent activation.

Don't forget to check out the other programs in our WattPlot 5 suite:

WattPlot™ VisualMATE     A unique animated view of production and power flow.
WattPlot VisualMATE is Careware, with no fee required.
WattPlot™ NetMATE     A MATE/MATE3-compatible TCP Server for OutBack data streams,
with built-in email/texting capability for critical messages.
WattPlot™ SumMATE     Upload, summarize, and backup MATE3 SD Card data with a single mouse click!
View any WattPlot data as plots, summaries, spreadsheets, charts, and more.

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