WattPlot is the most user-friendly comprehensive software available for monitoring performance data from OutBack renewable energy systems.  If you have an Outback Mate and a serial cable to connect it to your computer, you can now see at a glance precisely what your system is doing and what it has done, every day, down to the second!

Recent Media Coverage

bullet Monitoring and Data-Logging for Stand-Alone and Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Systems, M.Sc. thesis at California Polytechnic State University, June 2013
Nathan Hara, electrical engineer, prepared this major review of WattPlot and other monitoring solutions as part of his requirements for a Masters program.  Read the thesis
bullet iCeL Systems Inspires New WattPlot MultiMATE, iCeL corporate blog, June 21, 2009
Over the past year, iCeL Systems has joined forces with WattPlot, a comprehensive software tool which provides real-time reporting on renewable energy system data.  WattPlot allows iCeL customers to monitor their energy storage systems remotely via desktop or smart phone.  (http://blog.icelsystems.com/2009/06/icel-systems-inspires-new-wattplot-multimate/ is no longer on line.)  Read the archived article

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