WattPlot™ VisualMATE  Release Delta Document

This page describes the changes from one release to the next, and allows existing users to update to the latest version at no extra cost (no reactivation needed).  Update downloads will only work for previously activated sites.  New users must use a different download.

To see what version of WattPlot VisualMATE you are currently running, start the program and watch the startup 'splash' screen.

You do not need to un-install or re-install VisualMATE to get these updates (except where specifically noted).  Most updates are done by simply downloading a replacement VisualMATE.exe file.

  1. Click on the "Download now" button below.

  2. Depending on your browser, click the "Save As", "Save", or "Copy" button, and then direct your system to save it in the folder where the older version EXE resides (which is typically c:\Program Files (x86) \WattPlot).

  3. If it tells you that the file already exists, and asks if you want to overwrite it, click Yes.

The latest version of WattPlot™ VisualMATE is:  (28 August 2014)

This is a replacement EXE, not an installation program.
Do NOT attempt to RUN this program from the web site.
See the numbered steps above.

If your existing version is earlier than, please see these Special Instructions.

WattPlot VisualMATE Release History

VisualMATE, Version - 28 August 2014

Corrected - Screen layout bug introduced with device signature logic of
Added - Recording of device signature for other WattPlot tools.
Improved - More immediate startup of TCP/IP connection.

VisualMATE, Version - 08 July 2014

Corrected - Screen layout rebuild when changing systems.
Added - Ability to detect TCP Server losing its MATE link.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Retention of MATE settings.
Corrected - Negative value display for FnDC accumulated power values.
Corrected - Ability to restore TCP connection after server stops and then starts again.
Corrected - Ability to work from very large simulation (.OBM) files.
Improved - TCP Clients always identify themselves by Local IP Address.
Improved - Request disconnect from TCP server before attempting to reconnect.
Improved - Raw Data capture now sorts files into monthly sub-folders.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Bug with Update Program version button.
Corrected - Windows 7 file access error.
Corrected - TCP/IP link will restart itself it the link fails.
Added - Ability for VisualMATE to operate from WattPlot 5 Monitor TCP Server.
Added - Root system name in program title bar.
Corrected - Misleading FirstMATE error message.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Restored Daily kWH from change - OutBack manual error.
Improved - MATE Data Source configuration edit process.
Improved - MATE communication efficiency.
Corrected - Removed unnecessary repetition of special notifications.
Added - Cumulative release notes.
Improved - Semi-automatic program updates with WPUpdater.  (Save it in your WattPlot program folder.)

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Daily kWh data from Charge Controllers should not be divided by 10.
Corrected - More comprehensive check for new release of program.
Improved - Instructions for updating program version.
Improved - New message during initial attempt to make TCP/IP connection.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Possible overflow when communication failure encountered on UDP/IP connection.
Corrected - Handling of inaccessible serial port disposal (caused by some USB/Serial converters).
Corrected - Some advice supplied by Connection Wizard for UDP connections.
Corrected - Allow MATE Data Source Dialog cancellation without completing screen.
Corrected - Bug when cancelling out of non-responsive TCP/IP connection setup.
Added - Better detection of improper program installs.
Added - Additional information for serious error handling.
Added - Message for first run after install if a defined system is found.
Improved - Detection of Data Source type for live connections.
Improved - UDP/IP connection integrity.
Improved - Faster display during initial attempt to make TCP/IP connection.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - HTML handling of special notifications.
Corrected - Check for major program release notification.
Improved - Version tracking precision.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Data extraction from Radian status lines.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Access error when installing SumMATE on a Windows 7+ computer with no previous WattPlot software.
Corrected - Option to continue program after certain non-fatal errors.
Corrected - Icon for Programs Menu.
Added - Ability to check for new releases if an error is encountered.
NOTE - If you are using VisualMATE with the original WattPlot Monitor TCP Server, please ensure that you are running the updated WattPlot Monitor version 4.7.2 or higher.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Handling TCP Server hail acknowledgement.
Corrected - Logging in to restricted access TCP Server.
Improved - Earlier display of main screen when initial MATE connection is failing.

VisualMATE, Version

Added - Support for MATE3 USB card.
Corrected - Program should abort if no system is defined or selected.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Better handling of mid-stream switch between TCP data coming in MATE3 and original MATE format.
Corrected - Fixed screen placement of FnDC Net IN kWh value.
Corrected - New file naming for system configuration file(s) is now permanent.

VisualMATE, Version

Added - Support for System Name to keep compatible with other WattPlot modules.
Corrected - Bug for export inverters with WattPlot 4.7.1, caused by faulty MATE3 documentation.

VisualMATE, Version

Added - Proactive program release notifications for on-line sites.
Corrected - Reported bug with TCP/IP client communications - did not affect all installations.

VisualMATE, Version 5.0.2 - 15 Sep 2013

Added - Added new TCP/IP technology.
Added - Automatic detection of MATE versus MATE3 data.

Special Instructions: All WattPlot modules from version 5.0.2 and up have an additional DLL file (for TCP communication), so 5.0.1 (and earlier) versions should be updated by installing this file in your "Program Files\WattPlot" folder.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Reported bug with processing MATE3 communications.

VisualMATE, Version

Added - New modules for compatibility with other WattPlot tools.

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