WattPlot™ VisualMATE  Release Delta Document

This page describes the changes from one release to the next, and allows existing users to update to the latest version at no extra cost (no reactivation needed).  Update downloads will only work for previously activated sites.  New users must use a different download.

To see what version of WattPlot VisualMATE you are currently running, select the About option of the Help menu.

You do not need to un-install or re-install VisualMATE to get these updates (except where specifically noted).  Most updates are done by simply downloading a replacement VisualMATE.exe file.

  1. Click on the "Download now" button below.

  2. Depending on your browser, click the "Save As", "Save", or "Copy" button, and then direct your system to save it in the folder where the older version EXE resides (which is typically c:\Program Files (x86) \WattPlot).  [NOTE: If you are using Google Chrome, it might just put the file directly into your Downloads folder.  Move it from there to your Program Files\WattPlot folder.]

  3. If it tells you that the file already exists, and asks if you want to overwrite it, click Yes.

The latest version of WattPlot™ VisualMATE is:  (04 Mar 2018)

This is a replacement EXE, not an installation program.
Do NOT attempt to RUN this program from the web site.
See the numbered steps above.

If your existing version is earlier than, please see these Special Instructions.

WattPlot VisualMATE Release History

VisualMATE, Version - 04 Mar 2018

Corrected - Corrected amp truncation compensation bug introduced in

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - "240V" option should read "Split phase".
Corrected - Amps truncation compensation algorithm.
Added - Modbus support for MATE3S.
Added - Warning - FXR inverters do not support OutBack's Network Data Stream.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Stream of modbus communication errors when MATE3 modbus fails.
Corrected - Limit Panel Amps to one decimal place.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Workaround added for change in MATE3 firmware 3.15.5 Modbus protocol.
Corrected - DC Volts multiplier for Modbus connections.

VisualMATE User's Guide, Version 5.1.3 - 05 Apr 2017

Corrected - Added documentation for Modbus connections.

READ/DOWNLOAD the Updated VisualMATE User's Guide

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - MATE3 selection changing to AXS Port in Data Source dialog box.
Corrected - Confusion between MATE3 and AXS Port IP addresses.
Corrected - Modbus communication restart.
Corrected - Detect Modbus block ID of 0 and abort connection.
Corrected - Charge controller Aux Port On/Off determination under Modbus connection.
Corrected - Modbus support for MX60 charge controllers.
Corrected - Modbus protocol for Radians.
Corrected - Animation flow speed and upwards direction.
Corrected - Miscellaneous activation issues.
Added - Support for FXR inverter status lines.
Enhanced - Error handling of Modbus issues.
Enhanced - Attempted to raise acceptable size limit on VBMail attachments.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Charge controller charge amps truncation adjustment logic.
Corrected - Bugs with MATE3 Modbus Communications, incl. CC Panel voltage and CC Charge Amps.
Corrected - Non-numeric IP Port message when testing Modbus data source.
Enhanced - Improved the formatting of FnDC numbers for clarity.
Added - Workaround for critical UDP/IP bug in MATE3 firmware 003.015.001.
Added - AC and DC labels to battery amps for clarity.
Added - Helpful Tips option.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Suspension of data reception at midnight.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - License Activation disabled on File menu inappropriately.
Corrected - Serial port null error.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - MATE Data Source port scanning for TCP connections.
Corrected - Suppression of release update check when autostarted.
Corrected - Test button for email settings also tests new From Address.
Added - Ability to monitor MATE3 by Modbus/TCP.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - OutBack changed MATE serial number format.
Corrected - Raw data folder specification.
Corrected - Small Data Source Dialog box improvements.
Enhanced - Check for month sub-folder in Raw System Data path.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Restored message when first attempting invalid connection to TCP or AXS.
Corrected - Data simulation when running from TCP Client's raw data.
Corrected - Update comm. defn. from older releases.
Corrected - TCP Client more resilient against Server bugs.
Corrected - Small enhancements to data logging.
Enhanced - Make communication parameters uneditable during Test Communications.
Added - Additional messages to Data Source dialog box traffic window.

VisualMATE User's Guide, Version 5.1.0 - 17 Apr 2016

Corrected - Fixed documentation of TCP Server Settings screen.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - AXS Port communication changed from Asynch. to Synch.
Corrected - Communication flow after configuring AXS Port parameters.
Corrected - Data Source Window improvements for TCP Client connections.
Corrected - Previous release included TCP Client debugging message boxes by mistake.

VisualMATE User's Guide, Version 5.1.0

Added - Significantly revised User's Guide for WattPlot VisualMATE.

VisualMATE, Version

Corrected - Reclassified AXS Port as a live connection.
Corrected - Restored option to move license.
Corrected - Overlapping fields displayed in some windows.
Corrected - Numerous issues with TCP Client operation.
Corrected - Enable Activation from File menu for evaluation copies.
Corrected - Unexpected new issue regarding determination of the local IP address.
Corrected - Disable Activation entry of File menu if not needed.
Corrected - Was using User Account instead of From Address for sending emails.
Corrected - Bug with enabling of Communication type dropdown in Data Source screen.
Corrected - More checks on AXS Port connection settings.
Corrected - Handling of AutoStarted program with bad system name.
Enhanced - Simplified MATE Data Source dialog box and enhanced its data display.
Enhanced - Marginal improvements to processing speed throughout application.
Enhanced - Title bar caption for main window: licensed/unlicensed.
Added - AXS Port compatibility.
Added - Port scanning ability to find TCP/IP or AXS MATE data.
Added - Options menu entry to set system data log folder.
Added - Timestamps to raw data (.OBM) files.
Added - Automatic revert from Trial license to Unlicensed mode.
Added - Offer of User's Guide opening at installation.
Added - Comm failure now logged in datafolder/Postmortem.txt file.

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