WattPlot™ ACKcess 6.0 Field Test

A number of long-time WattPlot users and testers have expressed an interest in participating in field testing new WattPlot releases.  This has worked very well for our previous major launches, so we now organize field tests for all significant updates and new product releases.

The latest software release entering field trials is the first of a new generation of tools...

WattPlot™ ACKcess 6.0

Any WattPlot users out there who experienced the leap forward from WattPlot 4 to WattPlot 5 know the huge leap forward that our software suite took after a decade of monitoring systems around the world.  Well, we've done it again!

WattPlot 6 begins with an entirely new foundation for our software, based on Modbus technology and a new strategy of graphic interface.  Among other things, this will mean less configuration - more plug-and-play, and the addition of support for other manufacturers and other modbus-compatible devices.

Our first WattPlot 6 tool is a new one, called WattPlot ACKcess.

ACKcess Home Screen

An early version of the ACKcess Home Screen.
Hovering the mouse over any component brings up the tool strip (as shown on the central inverter),
giving you access to the relevant History, Information, Tools, Settings, and Alerts.
Hovering over the bottom right area shows a tool strip for the whole system.

Here is some of what it can do so far:
  • Access the display, controls, system data, and system settings, using TCP/IP via an IP address - i.e. from anywhere there is internet, AND on local networks where there is NO internet!
  • Automatically configure itself when it is connected to a MATE3, MATE3S, AXS Port, or MidNite Solar Classic.
  • Compact animated graphical display, similar to WattPlot VisualMATE (and OPTICSre).
  • Click anywhere for relevant Settings, Alerts, and History.
  • Built-in REactor function, allowing you to easily extend the programming of your entire system.  Define triggers, based on real-time data, time-of-day, and more.  ACKcess can then automatically alert you to conditions of interest, or even change settings on the system in response.
  • Provides Advanced Generator Control which exceeds anything available from OutBack.
  • Call up line and bar charts OR summary numbers, by day or by hour, showing the parameters that you select.
  • Download data logs directly from your AXS Port SD Card (not MATE3), summarize the data, and back them up locally.
  • Automatically update data log downloads on restart (AXS Port only).
  • User-friendly access to many settings on your Outback system (with full descriptions) - more being added all the time.
  • Navigate the screens using forward and backward buttons.
  • View full Events and Maintenance logs.
  • Issue device commands such as for Bulk and Equalization charging.
  • View snapshot bars (presently for inverters and charge controllers), just like the WattPlot Monitor program.
  • Leave the program running to control your system (based on your easy programming), text you alerts, etc.
    Turn the program off, but keep logging all data on an SD card, and let ACKcess turn that data into information later.
  • Monitor non-OutBack equipment as well (if it has a modbus interface), including all SunSpec-compliant inverters.
  • Click anywhere for relevant Tools, Information, and more.

ACKcess Home Screen

One of the many Inverter Settings screens.
Note the valuable help text that is displayed whenever you click on a setting.
Default values are in white, altered values are in yellow.
You can even use your mouse wheel to scroll through values.

And here are some of its planned features:

  • Drill-down from overall system picture to daily summaries, plots, and spreadsheets.
  • User-friendly access to over 650 settings on your Outback system (with full descriptions).
  • Full command and control capabilities - you can do anything you could do from the MATE3, and lots more.
  • Eventually, everything that our flagship WattPlot Monitor PRO can do, and much more!

We are now at the ALPHA testing phase for WattPlot ACKcess.  That means that we are still in the very early stages of product development, and not everything is turned on yet.  We want to move methodically and make sure that we get the new foundation right before we activate everything for a production release.

We also have some very specific requirements for our initial testers:

  • You must be an existing WattPlot user, with WattPlot Monitor, VisualMATE, or NetMATE installed (5.0 or higher).
  • You must have a MATE3 running firmware 003.009.000, 003.011.000, or preferably 003.015.005.  (Other 003.015.xxx releases have too many problems)
    You must have an OutBack AXS Port device running 003.015.001 or later.
  • The ability to capture session fragments with a screen cam would be an asset.
  • Patience is a must.  A willingness to contribute new ideas for features is a plus.
  • Preference will be given to sites that offer diverse configurations from other test sites.
  • Please contact us ahead of time, letting us know what system components you have.


Follow the numbered steps below for copying the new program into your existing WattPlot program folder, and run it from there.

Watch for issues, try things out, and watch here for program updates.

Please email us at WattPlot and let us know that you are participating in this field test, and we'll let you into the inner circle of people being informed of the latest updates and progress!

Reporting Bugs or Suggestions

Our existing WattPlot tools have a phenomenal amount of error handling and data capture processing built right into them.  This is not the case for WattPlot ACKcess, since we are in the midst of reworking how errors are handled and reported.  It is a an extremely sophisticated piece of software, working in a huge variety of live data environments, so bugs are often very hard to track down and/or reproduce.

It is therefore imperative that you give us as much information as possible when you encounter a problem.  Our best testers use screen cam video software to show us exactly what happened, but not everyone will have that.  It is therefore critical that you describe exactly what you were doing when the issue arose.  WattPlot ACKcess will sometimes suggest data files to include in the email coming to us - probably best to go with the suggestions as a minimum!

Updates & Notes

Latest Update EXE

You do not need to un-install or re-install WattPlot ACKcess to get these updates.  Most updates are done by simply downloading a replacement ACKcess.exe file.

  1. Click on the "Download now" button below.

  2. Depending on your browser, click the "Save As", "Save", or "Copy" button, and then direct your system to save it in the folder where your WattPlot EXE files reside (which is typically c:\Program Files (x86) \WattPlot).

  3. If it tells you that the file already exists, and asks if you want to overwrite it, click Yes.

  4. If you are using a MATE3, you will need to connect it to your router using a network cable.

  5. On the MATE3, go to Settings / System / OPTICSre and set BOTH OPTICSre and SunSpec Interface to Enabled.

The latest version of WattPlot™ ACKcess is:  (03 April 2018)

This is a replacement EXE, not an installation program.
Do NOT attempt to RUN this program from the web site.
See the numbered steps above.

Known bugs, limitations, and incomplete functions - as of 27 March, 2018:

  • Sometimes, when changing screens etc., the ACKcess main screen acquires scroll bars and doesn't show the whole screen. We don't know why this happens yet, but we are working on it. Sometimes minimizing and restoring the screen clears it up.
  • It would appear that the MATE3 firmware does not handle control of a charge controller AUX port correctly - perhaps depending on the state of the actual charge controller display screen - although this may have been fixed in
  • We are still trying to resolve FTP issues with the MATE3 SD Card.  This appears to be a MATE3 firmware issue.  ACKcess works great using FTP on the AXS Port SD Card.
  • The TCP Server function has not yet been implemented.
  • Some REactor response actions have not yet been implemented.
  • The pen-plots have not yet been implemented.
  • Everything else has been implemented and is fair game for testing.  NOTE that many of these functions may be carry-overs from WattPlot 5.  It is awesome when these still work without any additional effort, but not surprising if they need some tweaking for the new foundation.  Do let us know what miscellaneous things DO work and which DON'T.
  • The User's Guide is not yet written.

ACKcess, Version - 03 Apr 2018

Corrected - Radian object error.
Corrected - Charge controllers set summary error.
Corrected - VDC multiplier for FLEXnet DC.
Corrected - Battery voltage scaled from FnDC.
Enhanced - Radian data storage. Again.
Enhanced - Display State memory for all windows.
Enhanced - New Event Core - transition in process.
Enhanced - REactor Module independence. (Event-driven)
Added - New Main Screen. (Event-driven)
Added - New Custom Pen-Plot. (Event-driven)

ACKcess, Version - 27 Mar 2018

Corrected - Problem in Radian block logging, causing OpenPort failure.
Corrected - Program more resistant to device disappearing from system.
Enhanced - Logging of data file errors.
Enhanced - Reconfigured object classes to support non-modbus.
Added - PV Wattage contribution % as part of CC data.

ACKcess, Version - 21 Mar 2018

Corrected - Support for MidNite Solar Classic - Confirmed!
Corrected - Setting generator type at startup.
Corrected - FXR/Radian Setting menus and contents.
Corrected - Activated Charge Controller Model Selection function.
Corrected - Handling of N/A (65535) values in configuration.

ACKcess, Version - 17 Mar 2018

Corrected - Support for MidNite Solar Classic - preliminary.
Corrected - ResetDailyTallies missing from SD Card file update.
Corrected - IP Port scan now has lower limit (16).
Corrected - Clearing setting field and then exiting screen.
Corrected - Handling of invalid (65535) setting values.
Corrected - Removed Aux Relay settings from FXR menus.
Corrected - Activated Charge Controller Model Selection function.
Corrected - Charger State on Charge Controller snapshot display.
Enhanced - Capabilities of last-ditch trace functionality.
Added - Bottom right system icons to Inverter snapshot screen.

ACKcess, Version - 12 Mar 2018

Corrected - Generator History button.
Corrected - Cancellation of Select Generator menu.
Corrected - Recall of Generator Control screen.
Corrected - Commands for AC Use/Drop and Charger Control.
Corrected - Reworked Generator Control command execution.
Corrected - AC Input Mode in Present Grid Interactions screen.
Corrected - Advanced setting screen - for now.
Added - Automatic Settings to REactor Responses.
Added - Check System Settings (Audit) function.
Added - Grid-tie Sell Enabled/Disable on Grid Tools icon.

ACKcess, Version - 12 Mar 2018

Corrected - Generator History button.
Corrected - Cancellation of Select Generator menu.
Corrected - Recall of Generator Control screen.
Corrected - Commands for AC Use/Drop and Charger Control.
Corrected - Reworked Generator Control command execution.
Corrected - AC Input Mode in Present Grid Interactions screen.
Corrected - Advanced setting screen - for now.
Added - Automatic Settings to REactor Responses.
Added - Check System Settings (Audit) function.
Added - Grid-tie Sell Enabled/Disable on Grid Tools icon.

ACKcess, Version - 10 Mar 2018

Corrected - Bad mouse wheel usage in REactor rule editor.
Corrected - One-time Automatic Actions translation from version 5.
Corrected - Minute portion of Time fields being read from wrong field.
Corrected - Attempt to access disposed object bug.
Corrected - Non-grid-tie FX inverter AC Output settings screen.
Corrected - Menu for generator selection when no generator found.
Corrected - Fields on AGS Time and Sell settings screen.
Corrected - Entire generator add/remove process.
Corrected - Clear event detail after deleting entries.
Corrected - REactor email attachment option selection.
Added - Email Auto Action in REactor (no attachments yet).

ACKcess, Version - 09 Mar 2018

Corrected - REactor processing for Unlimited Repeats.
Corrected - Logic for REactor trigger of 'Changed' with a State hold.
Corrected - Translation of old REactor rules.
Corrected - Restored Miscellaneous Gateway Settings.
Corrected - Time zone calculation when system in different time zone.
Added - More specifics in log for value that triggered REactor.

ACKcess, Version - 08 Mar 2018

Corrected - AC Output and Grid-Tie Sell Settings for Radian split-phase inverters.
Corrected - Helpful Tips window getting in the way of things.
Corrected - Part 2 of doubled config settings go into wrong field.
Corrected - Back button from Program Options.

ACKcess, Version - 07 Mar 2018

Corrected - Scaling factor when reloading REactor rules.
Corrected - Validation of negative setting value increments.
Corrected - Other misc. bugs in REactor.
Corrected - Disable Write Changes button in settings screen if no changes to write.
Corrected - AC Output and Grid-Tie Sell Settings for Radian and FXR inverters, again.
Added - REactor value validation message.

ACKcess, Version - 06 Mar 2018

Corrected - AUX ON command for charge controllers due to faulty OutBack documentation.
Corrected - Formatting of amps for All Inverters snapshot.
Corrected - Limited Generator Control to a single screen instance.
Corrected - Disable Write Changes button in settings screen if no changes to write.
Corrected - AC Output and Grid-Tie Sell Settings for Radian and FXR inverters.
Corrected - Configuration option of Advanced Settings screen.
Added - REactor and Automatic Actions (some response options incomplete).

ACKcess, Version - 27 Feb 2018

Corrected - Further corrections to Home screen wattage flow detail screens.
Corrected - Bug in Time Zone selection screen.
Corrected - Fatal error when attempting to restart after program close.
Corrected - Fatal error if does not connect at program startup.
Enhanced - Update of real-time dynamic data from config blocks.
Enhanced - Error logging when warm connection reboot fails.
Added - Detection of bogus data values for some devices (now reported as "n/a").
Added - Ability to alter MATE3 Auto Reboot Setting.

ACKcess, Version - 09 Feb 2018

Corrected - Major flaws with data gathering for history graphs.
Corrected - Gen State description in Gen Control.
Corrected - Inverter amp truncation compensation algorithm.
Corrected - Radian wattage calculations.
Corrected - Inverter Set amperage calculations.
Enhanced - Support for MATE3S connections.
Added - Ability to step into next and prev month days in History window.
Added - Ability to license application on Ubuntu machines.

ACKcess, Version - 02 Feb 2018

Corrected - New bug clearing display of some MATE3 settings.
Corrected - Never reloaded data from most recent hour.
Corrected - Status lines for FXRs now have device 5, not 6.
Corrected - Now adds Radians and FXRs found in historical data.
Corrected - Prev and Next Day buttons going past list limits.

ACKcess, Version - 01 Feb 2018

Corrected - Graphing module error handling when loading month list.
Corrected - Battery voltage / 10 for reloading Radian and FXR data.
Corrected - Miscellaneous registers for device information.
Corrected - Bug in N/A? values of OutBack data (CC Information screen).
Corrected - Error reporting when accessing real-time data.

ACKcess, Version - 20 Jan 2018

Corrected - Restored settings write ability.
Corrected - Program options memory of Quick Default selection.
Corrected - AutoStart option.
Corrected - Determination of device models and catching inconsistencies.
Enhanced - Better logging of setting changes.

ACKcess, Version - 18 Jan 2018

Corrected - Bug in the processing of FnDC status data.
Corrected - New release and special notifications partially hidden.
Corrected - Loading of device model from local storage.
Corrected - Response to Information icon on Home screen.
Corrected - Bug when exiting Charge Controller snapshot screen.
Corrected - Removed unfinished FnDC display from Battery click.
Corrected - Error traps for bad data in registers.
Corrected - Cascading error message in faulty Modbus read.
Corrected - Display of grid voltage for Radians on Home screen.
Corrected - Removed 'flow flash' at startup.
Corrected - Settings screen Next button warning if changes not saved.
Corrected - Temporarily removed incomplete TCP Server function.
Enhanced - Filtered event log by clicking Alert icon for specific Home images.
Added - Helpful tips.
Added - Trap for catching invalid FnDC SOC values.

ACKcess, Version - 15 Jan 2018

Corrected - Global processing for Radians and FXR inverters.
Corrected - Display of selling wattage on Home screen.
Corrected - Display of Battery Wattage break-down.
Enhanced - Image storage, shrinking EXE.

ACKcess, Version - 14 Jan 2018

Corrected - Support for split-phase Radians.
Corrected - Icons clicked from the battery image.
Corrected - More tolerant of unexpected Modbus blocks.
Enhanced - Beefed up error handling significantly.
Added - TracePoint capability.

ACKcess, Version - 12 Jan 2018

Corrected - User-requested Communications Restart.
Corrected - "#0" bug in settings screen when writing values.
Changed - System edit time zone selection is now offset from PC, not GMT.
Added - ACKcess can now offer to fix all clock settings.
Added - Detection of HUB device changes.
Added - Notification of running in Unattended mode.

ACKcess, Version - 11 Jan 2018

Corrected - Multiple-inverter Grid versus Generator flow.
Corrected - Generator Control and other miscellaneous code translations.
Corrected - More FXR monitoring bugs caused by faulty OutBack specifications.
Enhanced - Show measured temperatures in Fahrenheit, if requested.

ACKcess, Version - 10 Jan 2018

Corrected - Charge controller device type error.
Corrected - Retention of program option changes (where presently relevant).
Corrected - Ability to write new enumerated settings back to MATE3.
Corrected - OutBack charge controller model naming.
Corrected - FXR monitoring bug caused by faulty OutBack specifications.
Added - Information window when battery monitor (or its guage icon) is clicked.
Added - Pop-up details when any flow in Home screen is clicked.

ACKcess, Version - 08 Jan 2018

Corrected - Allows comm parameter edit if fails on start up.
Enhanced - More Information window content (from snapshot displays).
Enhanced - Better settings screen programming.

ACKcess, Version - 03 Jan 2018

Corrected - Much improved Radian support.
Enhanced - Images for Radians and MidNite Solar Classics.
Added - More Information window (from snapshot displays).
Added - Preliminary support for FXR inverter series.
Added - End-of-life support.

ACKcess, Version - 30 Dec 2017

Enhanced - Multiple code efficiencies.
Added - Preliminary support for Radian split inverters.
Added - Support for Radian AUX Relay controlling generator.

ACKcess, Version - 16 Dec 2017

Corrected - Error if Battery Temperature below zero.
Corrected - Completed Event Log find function.
Added - Detection of recurring errors to prevent event log overflow.

ACKcess, Version - 29 Nov 2017

Corrected - Time and time zone descriptions to reflect DST preference.
Corrected - Main screen 'Back' button.
Enhanced - Various low-level Modbus improvements and error detail.
Added - Daily Summary window to graph history.
Added - Generator Control function.
Added - Suppressible warnings.

ACKcess, Version - 02 Oct 2017

Corrected - Moved time zone setting to System config instead of Gateway config.
Corrected - Restart of communications after Comm. Settings edit.
Corrected - Faster reload time of existing day's data (and wait message).
Corrected - Do not repeat Mode and Aux logging on reload.
Corrected - Restored flow bars to Home screen.
Corrected - Port scan function to skip previously configured gateways.
Corrected - Logging of system-changed settings.
Added - Support for Midnite Solar Classic charge controller.
Added - Battery type to system config.
Added - Support for OutBack MATE3S gateway.
Added - "MX" device type to better identify MX charge controllers.

ACKcess, Version - 29 Aug 2017

Corrected - More resilient to connection failures at launch.
Corrected - Handling of midnight roll-over - first pass.
Added - Support for a few system commands (Bulk & Equalize).
Added - Device operating mode logging (optional) and inverter Aux port logging.

ACKcess, Version - 25 Aug 2017

Corrected - Fahrenheit vs Celsius setting.
Corrected - Add untrapped fatal errors to the Events Log.
Corrected - Bug in restart option.
Corrected - Removed some assumptions of what might constitute evidence of grid-connection.
Added - Ability to get image-specific event logs from Home screen.
Added - Battery temperature display.

ACKcess, Version - 22 Aug 2017

Corrected - Some device settings inaccessible after communications restart.
Enhanced - Again, even more resilient to communication drops.
Enhanced - Better logging of comm failures and restarts.
Added - Ability to add generator by clicking on "No Generator".
Added - Ability to cancel restart attempt.
Added - Refresh of all settings in Modbus settings screen after any Write.
Added - Logging of setting changes by user.
Corrected - Export feature of events log.

ACKcess, Version - 19 Aug 2017

Enhanced - Much more resilient to communication drops.
Added - Unattended Mode (Program Options).
Added - Alert panel on Home Screen.
Changed - ACKcess.log is now ACKcess_Events.log.

ACKcess, Version - 17 Aug 2017

Enhanced - TOTAL rewrite of the event logging screen and functionality.
Changed - Combined Alert.log, Comm.log, and General.log into ACKcess.log.
Enhanced - SD Card FTP functions now include SD Card sub-folders.
Added - Restart Communications function.

ACKcess, Version - 11 Aug 2017

Corrected - Charge controller settings menu.
Corrected - SD Card download prompt at startup.
Corrected - Log and alert to clocks being out-of-synch.
Enhanced - Log SD Card data file processing.
Enhanced - Error logging.
Enhanced - Only show relevant components.
Corrected - Possible halt when rebooting Modbus link.
Added - Program Options edit function.

ACKcess, Version - 05 Aug 2017

Corrected - Prevent loading of 'past' data in file for later hour.
Corrected - Charge controller snapshot display and PVAmps value.
Corrected - Device history and other minor issues for Reporting Sets.
Corrected - Default values in Setting screens.
Corrected - CSV file logging by default.
Enhanced - Removed obsolete OBM logging option.
Corrected - SD Card log folder name is different for MATE3 (vs AXS Port).
Corrected - Better distinguish MATE3 and AXS Port IP addresses in config.
Corrected - Next button in Settings screen when one of multiple devices in set.

ACKcess, Version - 27 Jul 2017

Corrected - Charge controller data being extracted and summarized correctly.
Corrected - Creation of device list for undefined systems.
Corrected - New screen for Shunt Configuration is now complete.
Corrected - Small display adjustment for Inverter snapshots screen.
Corrected - Bug when activating an already licensed copy.
Corrected - Charge controller model prompt fixed.
Corrected - Not creating new system Config.ini (reprompting for new system).
Enhanced - Don't prompt for system if only one.
Added - Charge controller snapshot screen (by clicking on charge controller image).
Added - Animation on/off by clicking on flow, restoring tool tips.

ACKcess, Version - 24 Jul 2017

Corrected - Improved error handling when modbus connection fails.
Corrected - Trap inaccessible alert log and suggest solution.
Corrected - Clear log display before opening new one.
Corrected - Calculation of Sell Wattage in settings screen.
Corrected - Settings value handling when default or maximum is absent.
Enhanced - Refined and standardized floating toolstrip icons.
Enhanced - Removed special cursor for scrolling values in Settings screen.
Added - New screen for Shunt Configuration - incomplete.

ACKcess, Version - 16 Jul 2017

Corrected - First viable release with new MATE3 003.015.005 firmware.

ACKcess, Version - 21 Apr 2017

Added - First Alpha release - foundation trial.


We can't promise you anything for helping out - except an earlier release date, however if you ask some of our previous testers, they'll tell you that people who give great feedback during these trials are often rewarded for their patience and diligence!  Who are these people?  Well you'll find a list of the hardest-working ones by double-clicking on the WattPlot icon in the Help...About screen.  (Your small reward for reading this far!)

Thanks again!  And enjoy being on the leading edge!

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