WattPlot™ ACKcess 6.0!

The MOST powerful way to monitor, control, track, and configure your Modbus-ready renewable energy system.  (No internet access required.)

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(Please note that ACKcess is Modbus-based - a protocol supported by the MATE3/S, but NOT the original MATE or MATE2)

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System Monitoring

The first thing most renewable energy system owners want to know is "What is my system doing?"

WattPlot™ ACKcess provides a Home screen that is a excellent interface for both viewing system activity and providing a launching pad to dive deeper into other functionality:

ACKcess Home Screen

The ACKcess Home Screen, giving an animated view of power flow throughout your system.
Hovering the mouse over the bottom right area shows a tool strip for the whole system.

NOTE that some devices report somewhat crude amperage measurements, which are even less accurate when applied to AC voltages.  If you have a Battery Monitor (such as the OutBack FLEXnet DC), WattPlot™ ACKcess can report Amps and Watts based on the appropriate Shunt values instead!  It also supports the inclusion of an External DC Device (such as a DC charger).

For those who are more numbers-oriented, WattPlot has always also provided what we call Snapshots of device activity and performance.  ACKcess groups these by Inverters, Charge Controllers, and other specific devices (e.g Battery Monitors):

Charge Controllers Snapshot

This Charge Controller Snapshot shows the status of three charge controllers, and the resulting total performance at the top.

Then, of course, there's WattPlot's signature Pen-Plot views, showing both the real-time state and the history for the day - and any day captured in the past!  In ACKcess v6, you can assign which values to include on each plot, selecting from any relevant data from any device in the system - all shown on the same plot.  You can also save multiple plot definitions to give you different comparative views on precisely the information you are interested in:

Custom Plot Legend

The ACKcess Custom Plot Definition Legend, showing the device (or device group) options on the left and the device-specific value options in the middle.  (The symbols on the far right allow you to specify which data controls the left and right plot scales.)  Each plot can include up to 8 different values by colour.

The plots themselves are more sophisticated than in previously releases of WattPlot.  For example, you can define two plot scales (left and right), while also plotting values that use their own internal scale if the units don't match the left or right.  In other words, you can plot battery voltage, inverter wattage, and PV panel amps all on the same display, choosing any two of the three possible scales to show.  Data sets can also be set to Auto-scale, meaning that if any data value exceeds the scale limits, WattPlot ACKcess will automatically adjust the scale and refresh the display so that all values are clearly visible.

System Control

One of the most powerful functions of WattPlot ACKcess is the ability for you to control your system.  This can either be real-time control on-the-fly, or programming automatic reactions to specific system events or time-of-day.

For example, ACKcess gives you the ability to instantly control (or program) an AC or DC generator for providing backup power:

Generator Control Screen

The Advanced Generator Control Screen, giving easy access to intelligently start, stop, or change settings for your generator(s).

The unique WattPlot REactor function is the easiest and most powerful end-user's programming tool in the industry.  Combining triggers, conditions, and responses, ACKcess can automatically alert you to system changes of interest, and even alter settings on the system in response:

REactor screen

An earlier version of the REactor Programming Screen, demonstrating how one actual installation defines multiple triggers to control their system, based on real-time data.

System Tracking

Another must-have feature is the ability to track your renewable energy system's performance over time.  WattPlot ACKcess takes all of your data and transforms it into valuable information, as well as offering you many ways to view it.  WattPlot's Event Log can be used to pinpoint system errors, mode changes, and other alerts.  A separate Maintenance log even allows you to track system maintenance functions, such as equalization charges and more.

System Configuration

Modbus connections give you access to read and write just about every possible setting in your system.  WattPlot ACKcess takes advantage of this, but also incorporates extensive help text so that you can understand what you are looking at and what effect any changes will have:

Some Inverter Settings

One of the many Inverter Settings screens.
Note the valuable help text that is displayed whenever you click on a setting.
Default values are in white, altered values are in yellow.
You can even use your mouse wheel to roll through values.

Technical Notes

WattPlot 6 begins with an entirely new foundation for our software, based on Modbus technology and a new strategy of graphical interfaces.  Among other things, this means less configuration - more plug-and-play, and the addition of support for other manufacturers and other modbus-compatible devices.

The new Alert and Event Log allows both you and the WattPlot support technician to rapidly diagnose issues, either with your system or our software!  The most difficult step is often the initial configuration of your gateway connectivity.  That's why WattPlot ACKcess has special tools to scan IP addresses for compatible devices.  You can even turn on sophisticated debugging and tracing so that we can isolate your issue quickly.

Other Manufacturers

A large number of renewable energy component devices support Modbus communications.  We are also anxious for WattPlot to support devices from more manufacturers, but need access to test platforms.   So far, WattPlot ACKcess supports all OutBack Power Systems components, as well as having some initial success with the MidNite Solar Classic charge controller and three models of IC Station Relay boards.

In addition to the above, here are some other features:
  • Access the display, controls, system data, and system settings, using TCP/IP via an IP address - i.e. from anywhere there is internet, AND on local networks where there is NO internet!
  • Automatically configures itself when it is connected to a MATE3, MATE3S, AXS Port, or MidNite Solar Classic.
  • Provides Advanced Generator Control which exceeds anything available from OutBack.
  • Drill-down from overall system picture to daily summaries, plots, and spreadsheets.
  • Call up line and bar charts OR summary numbers, by day or by hour, showing the parameters that you select.
  • Download data logs directly from your AXS Port SD Card (not MATE3), summarize the data, and back them up locally.
  • Automatically update data log downloads on restart (AXS Port only).
  • User-friendly access to many settings on your Outback system (with full descriptions) - more being added all the time.
  • Navigate the screens using forward and backward buttons.
  • Issue device commands such as for Bulk and Equalization charging.
  • View snapshot bars (presently for inverters and charge controllers), just like the WattPlot Monitor program.
  • Leave the program running to control your system (based on your easy programming), text you alerts, etc.
    Turn the program off, but keep logging all data on an SD card, and let ACKcess turn that data into information later.
  • Monitor non-OutBack equipment as well (if it has a modbus interface), including all SunSpec-compliant inverters.
  • Click anywhere for relevant Tools, Information, and more.

And here are some of its planned features:

  • User-friendly access to all of over 650 settings on your Outback system (with full descriptions).
  • Full command and control capabilities - you can do anything you could do from the MATE3, and lots more.
  • Eventually, everything that our flagship WattPlot Monitor PRO can do, and much more!

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