Introducing WattPlot™ NetMATE!

WattPlot™ NetMATE is the latest in the WattPlot 5 series of tools for monitoring your OutBack renewable energy system.  This small but powerful program helps solve a number of challenges:

bullet Creates a TCP/IP Server of your MATE, MATE3, or AXS Port data stream.  Multiple clients can monitor real-time performance data from a single MATE/MATE3/AXS.  Read more about it works.
bullet Receive email or text message alerts for critical MATE or monitoring events.
bullet Configurable security on TCP/IP Server for login and/or sending commands to MATE.
bullet Convert the MATE3 data stream format to the original MATE format, allowing the now-obsolete WattPlot Monitor version 4.7 to monitor MATE3 data.
bullet Are you a dealer or installer?  Find out if NetMATE might be the the best solution for your client monitoring needs.
WattPlot NetMATE screen, serving two clients

Download WattPlot™ NetMATE and run it for free.  There is no license fee.

  or update an existing installation

(Read detailed instructions for monitoring a MATE3 using WattPlot 4.7 and NetMATE.)

There's More...

Note that WattPlot™ NetMATE is just one of whole suite of software tools for monitoring performance data from OutBack systems.  Other tools have more powerful capabilities:

Plot performance data in real-time, as it happens

Record production statistics and system activity down to the second

Monitor multiple systems, locally or over the internet

Respond to system conditions with automatic commands, email, etc.

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How NetMATE works

NetMATE performs two major functions:  It acts as a TCP Server for your system data stream, allowing other WattPlot tools to connect into it and all monitr the same data; and it monitors the data stream itself, watching for significant events which it can then send motificatins for.

The MATE3 must be configured to send its Data Stream to a single monitoring computer, running WattPlot NetMATE as a Windows application.  You then turn on NetMATE's built-in TCP Server.  Now any compatible WattPlot software on any other computer can access the MATE3's data stream from anywhere (with optional password security).

The MATE3's UDP/IP and TCP/IP services are not mutually exclusive.  Using WattPlot NetMATE will not prevent you from still connecting directly into your MATE3 from a browser.

WattPlot™ NetMATE supports the following connectivity options:

  • MATE3 via UDP/IP
  • MATE3 via USB card
  • AXS Port via Modbus TCP
  • MATE or MATE2 via Serial port
  • MATE or MATE2 via TCP/IP-to-serial converter
  • MATE or MATE2 via compatible Serial-to-USB converter
  • MATE, MATE2, MATE3, or AXS Port to a WattPlot TCP/IP Server
  • MATE, MATE2, or MATE3 data captured for simulations (.OBM file)

You can also set up NetMATE's built-in email capability to inform you of critical OutBack system events.  Pick and choose which events you wish to be notified of, from the following list:

  • Device errors (can include AC grid power failures)
  • Device warnings
  • Communication failures
  • MATE command passed through
  • NetMATE was auto-started (might indicate a Windows reboot)
  • TCP server start failure
  • TCP server stopped
  • TCP client connection accepted

NOTE:  Most cell phone providers offer an email address, based on your phone number, that will convert email notifications to text messages.  So WattPlot™ NetMATE can easily text you about alerts!

A more detailed overview of the product is available in the WattPlot™ NetMATE User's Guide.

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