WattPlot™ SumMATE  Release Delta Document

This page describes the changes from one release to the next, and allows existing users to update to the latest version at no extra cost (no reactivation needed).  Update downloads will only work for previously activated sites.  New users must use a different download.

To see what version of WattPlot SumMATE you are currently running, select the About option of the Help menu.

You do not need to un-install or re-install SumMATE to get these updates (except where specifically noted).  Most updates are done by simply downloading a replacement SumMATE.exe file.

  1. Click on the "Download now" button below.

  2. Depending on your browser, click the "Save As", "Save", or "Copy" button, and then direct your system to save it in the folder where the older version EXE resides (which is typically c:\Program Files (x86) \WattPlot).  [NOTE: If you are using Google Chrome, it might just put the file directly into your Downloads folder.  Move it from there to your Program Files\WattPlot folder.]

  3. If it tells you that the file already exists, and asks if you want to overwrite it, click Yes.

The latest version of WattPlot™ SumMATE is:  (19 July 2017)

This is a replacement EXE, not an installation program.
Do NOT attempt to RUN this program from the web site.
See the numbered steps above.

WattPlot SumMATE Release History

SumMATE, Version - 19 Jul 2017

Corrected - Inability to open .OBM files.

SumMATE, Version

Corrected - Miscellaneous activation issues.
Added - Overall Activity bar graph in Monthly Summary.
Enhanced - Track data gaps in Daily Summary window and show time for gaps in Plot Windows.

SumMATE, Version - 10 Jan 2017

Corrected - Modbus FX AC input and output voltages were flipped.
Corrected - Radian reporting sets not summarizing data.
Corrected - No MsgBox pause if SD data file missing within range - error log instead.
Corrected - Incorrect warning about replacing summary of equal hours.
Enhanced - Retain "No Action" choice in SD Card Update window as default.
Enhanced - Attempted to raise acceptable size limit on VBMail attachments.
Added - Support for FXR inverter status lines.

SumMATE, Version

Corrected - Bug introduced in Daily Summary Window when no CCs OR no FXs.
Corrected - Charge controller charge amps truncation adjustment logic.

SumMATE, Version

Corrected - Inverter values when 'operating mode' is "AGS Error".
Corrected - License Activation disabled on File menu inappropriately.

SumMATE, Version

Corrected - Possible problem when processing stream of "?"s in data.
Corrected - Overflow when reloading OBM with lots of bad data.
Corrected - Allow for transient PlotPoint parameter error.

SumMATE, Version

Corrected - Display of shunt wattages in plot point detail display.
Corrected - Suppression of release update check when autostarted.
Corrected - Test button for email settings also tests new From Address.
Corrected - CC Set problem caused by lingering test code for

SumMATE, Version

Corrected - OutBack changed MATE serial number format.
Corrected - View Monthly menu now populated after data extracted.
Corrected - Folder used for Daily Summary options of View menu.
Enhanced - Able to detect Charge Controller CSV file from MATE3.
Enhanced - Additional help from View Monthly Summary button in Update window.

SumMATE, Version

Corrected - Overlapping fields in some windows.
Corrected - Radian L1 wattages now added to plots and wattage summaries.
Enhanced - More Information windows for Daily Summary are now MDI child windows.

SumMATE User's Guide, Version 5.1.0 - 18 Feb 2016

Corrected - Minor updates to document new enhancements.

READ/DOWNLOAD the Updated VisualMATE User's Guide

SumMATE, Version

Corrected - A new screen for More Information from the Daily Summary window.

SumMATE, Version

Corrected - Charge controller float hours values restored.
Corrected - Now accepts CSV data files but ignores data after irreconcilable clock-roll-back.
Corrected - Plot Scales menu entry disabled for multi-device plots (for now).
Corrected - Title bar caption for main window: licensed/unlicensed.
Corrected - Added prompt for AXS Port serial number.
Enhanced - More robust against bad OutBack data (e.g. Sell amps when inverter is in PassThrough).
Added - Offer of User's Guide opening at installation.
Added - Data clock roll-backs now shown via Daily Summary More Information buttons.

SumMATE, Version

Added - Error listing to Monthly Update/Process SD Card File window instead of popup messages.
Enhanced - Gets past more file errors in Monthly Update/Process SD Card File window.
Enhanced - No longer prompts for activation until required.
Enhanced - More information about licensing requirements when needed.

SumMATE, Version

Corrected - Was using User Account instead of From Address for sending emails.
Corrected - Close Historical OBM files after reading.
Corrected - Simplified time zone calculations and corrected displays to show local MATE time.
Corrected - Added ability to abort CSV data processing.
Corrected - Processing of data from an unrecognized system.
Corrected - Initial prompt for MATE serial number.
Enhanced - Friendlier handling of minor timestamp collisions in data (clock roll-backs).
Enhanced - Marginal improvements to processing speed throughout application.
Added - Timestamp recognition for raw data (.OBM) files.
Added - File identification in CSV processing error messages.

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