WattPlot™ ACKcess Version 6  Release Delta Document

This page describes the changes from one release to the next, and allows existing users to update to the latest version at no extra cost (no reactivation needed).  Update downloads will only work for previously activated sites.  New users must use a different download.

To see what version of WattPlot™ ACKcess you are currently running, select the About option of the Help menu.

You do not need to un-install or re-install WattPlot ACKcess to get these updates (except where specifically noted).  Most updates are done by simply downloading a replacement ACKcess.exe file.

  1. Click on the "Download now" button below.

  2. Depending on your browser, click the "Save As", "Save", or "Copy" button, and then direct your system to save it in the folder where the older version EXE resides (which is typically c:\Program Files (x86) \WattPlot).  [NOTE: If you are using Google Chrome, it might just put the file directly into your Downloads folder.  Move it from there to your Program Files\WattPlot folder.]

  3. If it tells you that the file already exists, and asks if you want to overwrite it, click Yes.

The latest version of WattPlot™ ACKcess is:  (10 Sep 2023)

This is a replacement EXE, not an installation program.
Do NOT attempt to RUN this program from the web site.
See the numbered steps above.

ACKcess, Version - 10 Sep 2023

Corrected - Arithmetic overflow if possible plot resolution list has been severely reduced.
Corrected - Possible fatal hover error after plot bitmap paint fails.
Corrected - Arithmetic overflow in Home Screen State of Charge calculation?
Added - Remember previous plot definition selection.

ACKcess, Version

Corrected - Internal thread responses to plotting bitmap errors.
Corrected - Index error when requesting Full System pen-plot.
Added - Shunt configuration screen access from Options menu.

ACKcess, Version

Corrected - Restoring failed/suspended communications.
Corrected - Logging of plot memory-related errors.
Enhanced - Remember gateway model when testing connection, regardless of success.
Enhanced - Use old MATE3 Firmware record to reduce warning messages.
Enhanced - Better tracking of gateway serial numbers.
Enhanced - AGS detection message on first connection.
Added - One-click IP Node scans for DHCP changes.

ACKcess, Version

Corrected - Plot Legend save when only one scale is defined.
Corrected - Some duplication possible when selecting pre-defined plots.
Corrected - Plot device options filtered for applicability.
Corrected - Restore previous pen-plots on start-up.
Enhanced - Plot Legend data sets now include a value.
Added - Ability to display multiple pen-plots.

ACKcess, Version

Corrected - Local update of configuration values changed by user (e.g. shunt enabled flag).
Corrected - Write and display of double register values (e.g. IP addresses).
Corrected - Handle plot definition error when shunt names are changed or device is removed.
Corrected - Possible issue with suspension of all communications.
Corrected - Cleaned up the text gathering for error reporting in the Alert log.
Enhanced - Added Caveat warning for Email Settings.
Added - Maximum Plot Resolution can now be set in Plotting tab of Options...Program Setup.

ACKcess, Version

Corrected - Logic around which Charger Control options are available to be selected for an inverter.
Corrected - Read-back issue in Modbus integer write function.
Corrected - Response to state changes for the FLEXnet DC device.
Corrected - Heading for independent shunt configuration screen.
Corrected - Live loading of changes from shunt configuration screen.
Corrected - Settings list for REactor response actions had been disabled.
Corrected - Plot Y-coordinate factor after some auto-scaling operations.
Enhanced - Provide warnings when scale data sets or edited plot line options are not included on the plot.
Enhanced - Pause communications when performing modbus write in an attempt to reduce communication drops.
Enhanced - Include system exception messages in alert logging.
Enhanced - Further memory usage reductions.
Added - More options for amps data that may be plotted.
Added - Activated Communication Suspend/Resume from File menu.

ACKcess, Version

Corrected - System Information from Help...About.
Corrected - Ability to change Modbus string value to "".
Corrected - Modbus write process for double registers and IP Addresses.
Corrected - Display of External DC Device shunt wattage.
Corrected - Penplot legend now prevents left and right scales being the same units.
Enhanced - Error handling in Performance Graph and Summary window.
Enhanced - Advanced Settings screen (width of value field).
Enhanced - Generator contents in Informations/Settings screen.
Enhanced - User interface for the Advanced Settings screen.
Added - ACKcess text in Help...About.
Added - Tools icon to Generator on Home Screen.
Added - Code to catch MATE3 resetting values after a write operation.

ACKcess, Version

Corrected - Showing snapshots from lower right hand area of Home Screen.
Corrected - Ability to show Charge Controller Battery Voltage on pen-plots.
Corrected - Restored custom FnDC Status window when clicking on FnDC in Home Screen.
Corrected - Today's minimum/maximum battery times in Today's Summary for FnDC.
Corrected - Information icon action for Generator.
Enhanced - Pen-plot scale edit dialog box.
Enhanced - Helpful Tips - be sure to view them all!
Added - Ability to click pen-plot scale labels to edit Max and Min.
Added - Prompt to specify shunt parameters if not already there.

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