Software Support

The WattPlot™ suite of tools for monitoring OutBack systems is complex software.  It is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of computer platforms and international formats, connecting to MATEs in different ways (local and remote), monitoring any of the huge number of possible system configurations: different device combinations, on/off grid, single/multiple MATEs, etc.  Each software tool is tested extensively, both in our offices and out in the field.  Our user interfaces and documentation are widely considered the best in the industry, and we stand behind every application that we license.

If you need help choosing, installing, using, or understanding any WattPlot component, or if one of them is not working as expected, we would like to help you.

Support Protocol

Over the years, we have learned that there are two kinds of support issues: those that require our assistance (which takes time for both of us), and those that don't (where you can get your answer instantly and move on).  Every time we get a question that could apply to others, we either add it to our Frequently Asked Questions page (along with a detailed answer), OR we clarify the issue in our acclaimed User's GuidePLEASE start with these two resources before sending us an email.  You will get a faster and more complete answer that way.

Step 1:  Frequently Asked Questions page

Step 2:  Product User's Guides

If your issue is not addressed by either of the above resources, then the best way to reach us is by email.  We unfortunately can not offer full-time phone support for any WattPlot product at this time, since we do not maintain an office for the WattPlot aspect of our business.  However our response time to email is usually within 24-48 hours.  If you feel that phone contact is crucial to solving your problem, include your contact number in your email, and, if appropriate, we will get back to you by phone.  You will more often get an email back from us - whether or not that email resolves your issue or simply asks more questions back depends on what you send us in the first place.  Please note:

Use the Appropriate Email Address...

OutBack system questions:    Contact OutBack Support
WattPlot License activations:   activation@
WattPlot Technical support:    techsupport@
Other WattPlot enquiries:    WattPlot_info@

If You Have a Question, Please...
...tell us who you are;
...tell us what kind of computer and OutBack systems you have;
...and tell us what you are trying to achieve.
If You Have a Technical Problem, Please...
...describe the problem in detail;
...include a screen capture of the problem, if possible;
...attach any relevant log or data files;
...attach your WPConfig.ini and systemname config.ini files;
...is it happening consistently or sporadically?
...the more we know, the faster we can help you.

Step 3:  Tech Support

Email us at:  The email address on this page (TechSupport at ThisDomain) is being protected from spambots.  You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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