WattPlot™ PRO Dealer Package

WattPlot™ is the industry standard software product, designed for monitoring the performance of small to medium scale power production systems using components from Outback Power Systems.

Now we offer a special package for OutBack dealers and installers: The WattPlot™ PRO Dealer Package.  If you are already familiar with WattPlot, you might want to read about the added features of WattPlot PRO, and read an example of how you might use it.

For Your Clients:

bullet The most comprehensive system monitoring software available.
bullet An impressive display to show off their power production to others.
bullet Generated spreadsheets to calculate performance and savings.
bullet Easier technical support queries, backed up with system information.
bullet System and battery maintenance reminder and tracking tools.

For You:

bullet Value-added remote monitoring of client systems by internet or email.
bullet Additional system automation capabilities.
bullet Client setup and performance data organization.
bullet Deeply-discounted software pricing - 33%-50% off retail!
bullet Your company name and logo in program display.

"I have been using the Wattplot software to monitor every port of an Outback Hub 10 at a remote location.  It is an incredible product that has given us detailed data when initially setting up the system, and identifying problem loads from off site, that would have been impossible to track down otherwise.  The graphics are set up to be helpful not flashy, and Andrew has the rare combination of skills of being a top notch programmer with the patience of a tech support veteran.

For an Outback system, I highly recommend The Wattplot Product and would be glad to discuss it off list."

- Jason Lerner, Waldron Power and Light Co., WA

The WattPlot™ PRO Dealer Package includes five (5) full WattPlot PRO licenses (a $900 value), and a custom copy of the WattPlot PRO software which includes your company name and logo, all for just $600.  (All of your clients can use the customized copy, keeping your brand front and center!)  This is an introductory offer, limited to one package per dealer.

Canadian dealers:                        GST #136747672
Mail a cheque or money order, made out to "intellact" and sent to 57 Mary Street, Alton, Ontario  L7K 0E3
OR click on the appropriate Buy Now button to use Paypal (which accepts credit cards and other forms of payment):

WattPlot™ PRO Dealer Package
$678.00 Cdn (600+HST)

U.S. and other dealers:
Mail a check or money order, made out to "intellact" and sent to 57 Mary Street, Alton, Ontario CANADA  L7K 0E3
OR click on the appropriate Buy Now button to use Paypal (which accepts credit cards and other forms of payment):

WattPlot™ PRO Dealer Package
$600 US

An example of how WattPlot™ PRO can work for you:

Installation:  Phil, of Phil’s Solar Emporium, wants to track the settings, performance data, and significant logs for all of his clients.  When he completes an installation, he uses WattPlot PRO to create a new WattPlot System Folder for the client on his office computer.  He also installs WattPlot PRO at each new site, and after configuring the client’s system, he carefully matches the settings on the client’s MATE to the MATE Settings maintained by their WattPlot PRO.

Setup:  Phil also creates some Automatic Actions on the client’s computer, setting up their WattPlot PRO to email him copies of their power summaries every month, and their performance logs for the 5th and 20th of each month (just as a random sampling).  (Of course, he also instructs their system to automatically email him immediately with details of any inverter errors or warnings!)  He then uses WattPlot PRO's Send Information function to easily email a copy of the client's full configuration to the System Folder that he created for that client back on his office system.

Automatically thereafter:  Whenever the client’s WattPlot PRO automatically sends an email from that system with a data file attached, Phil saves the attachment in the appropriate System Folder for that client.  He can then use the WattPlot Viewer program to assume the client's configuration and browse through their data to see how system is performing.  When a client calls with a question or problem, Phil has immediate access to their MATE settings, WattPlot configuration, and recent performance data.

Full-service monitoring:  For those clients who do not wish to monitor by computer on-site, Phil uses technology proven by intellact to transmit the remote MATE serial data stream to his own office server (using TCP/IP over the internet).  He uses his own WattPlot PRO to fully log their data and monitor their system remotely, 24/7.

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