Introducing WattPlot™ for Industrial Applications!

WattPlot is the most comprehensive software available for monitoring performance data from OutBack renewable energy systems.  If your organization is using Outback equipment to run mission-critical installations, you can now monitor those power centers with leading-edge software.

From complex multiple-MATE systems to 100 system networks...  We do it.

From Africa to Antarctica...  WattPlot is there, on the job.

WattPlot CheckMATE screen, showing monitoring of multiple systems

Since 2006, WattPlot has been the leading developer and provider of monitoring software to users of OutBack renewable energy hardware all over the world.  WattPlot's reputation in the industrial sector has grown steadily, with clients such as Raytheon, iCeL Systems, the U.S. Military, and OutBack Power Systems themselves.  Due to increasing demands from telecommunications, pipeline, and other multiple-site clients, we now supply software products to specifically meet the needs of the most demanding commercial applications.

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Some Comments from our Commercial Clients

"Over the past year, iCeL Systems has joined forces with WattPlot, a comprehensive software tool which provides real-time reporting on renewable energy system data.  WattPlot allows iCeL customers to monitor their energy storage systems remotely via desktop or smart phone.  For the Anaheim Energy Field project, iCeL CTO Dr. Ryan Wartena, made some special requests of WattPlot.  Wartena was extremely impressed with WattPlotís ability to completely exceed expectations by developing a whole new product to meet iCeLís needs for the Energy Field, which feeds into the Anaheim Public Utility grid."

- iCeL Systems

"The amount of data we've been able to gather this far is invaluable.  In the history of the program no one has been able to log the loads on the systems, the data just in the last couple of months has made a huge impact on the way we do business.  If anything I would say we owe you, you have put in a lot of time for just one client and we greatly appreciate all you've done to make this system come to fruition."

- Brian Cunningham, Raytheon Polar Services Co, Antarctica

"I've seen a couple of other companies attempt to do this, but I really like the simplicity of the interface as Andrew showed me how it tracks and logs every second of performance of his LAKOTA-based hybrid system . . . Andrew's done a very nice job of making a good intuitive interface.  He's made the necessarily complex control structures of the Outback easy to manipulate.  WattPlot displays the simple performance data of any parameters you want to know about. . . how much power is the system making right now, last night? . . or last month? . . and what configuration is best for my system to get the best performance? . . . Outback has made a beautifully versatile power management and control system with lots of very useful features.  All it needs is a little WattPlot to make it more user friendly for the average-techie who wants to see the power of the whole system, second by second or over the last month."

- Dave Cooke - True North Power (Outback Dealer)
Extracted from an article in Free Wind News

"I must say that the system, your companyís response for activation, and accompanying documentation all worked well to make the installation a snap, and this comes from one who was in the high-tech industry for 30 years."

- Ken Schwantje, St. Lawrence Collegeís Energy House, Ontario, Canada

"WattPlot is pretty much exactly what we were looking for in terms of a product to monitor the Outback equipment.
We've been using WattPlot for quite some time now, and it's continued to correctly interpret data from our long-range serial server system, and provide us all of the useful data that we've needed.  It's a superb program, and I can't thank you enough for the help you've given us in implementing it.
Thanks so much for such a wonderful product.  It's really made my life a lot easier (having been pressed into the role of expert on the power-generation system here at the company)."

- Brian Adamson, Jeffus & Williams, Juneau, Alaska

"WattPlot is a really nice piece of software and we recommend it to customers on a regular basis."

- Matt James, Customer Service Manager, OutBack Power Systems

"During the run thru with the [client] we had to check open circuit voltages for all the PV modules.  It was our second day onsite the barge was leaving soon, we were slightly rushed but enjoying ourselves, and as I checked voltages at each breaker at the PV combiner boxes one fellow went ahead and unlocked the other boxes, while another trailed behind and tugged on wires and flipped the breakers back on.  At the end of the day while I was showing off the WattPlot software I noticed two of the 6 MX's were not charging.  If it wasn't for the clear layout of the software, and the ability to compare devices all on one screen, I would have never of realized that a bunch of breakers hadn't been flipped back on.  That's when I was sold."

- Jason Lerner, Waldron Power and Light Co., WA

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