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Perhaps you are a renewable power systems dealer, looking to provide a sophisticated solution or service to your clients.  Or maybe you are an installer, bidding on a large project with specific needs.  We can help.

We have been providing high-level software design and consulting services to clients for over 20 years.  Our signature features are:

bullet Highly intelligent, effective solutions.
bullet Exceptionally professional and user-friendly interface design.
bullet Very fast development and deployment.
bullet Maintainable, modular, readable, and documented code.

Our widely-acclaimed introduction to software development for the renewable energy industry was WattPlot, a product designed for monitoring the performance of small to medium scale power production systems, using components from Outback Power Systems.

Our latest addition to the industry is WattPlot PRO - an intelligent monitoring and response product (with email alerts etc.), created specifically for dealers and installers, and available at package rates.

While WattPlot PRO is a fine tool, it can't always address the requirements of more sophisticated installations.  Some of our clients have specialized needs, such as public-place displays, integrating inverter tracking with weather station data, gathering system data with more energy-efficient devices such as Pocket PCs, and the list goes on.

"Over the past year, iCeL Systems has joined forces with WattPlot, a comprehensive software tool which provides real-time reporting on renewable energy system data.  WattPlot allows iCeL customers to monitor their energy storage systems remotely via desktop or smart phone.  For the Anaheim Energy Field project, iCeL CTO Dr. Ryan Wartena, made some special requests of WattPlot.  Wartena was extremely impressed with WattPlot’s ability to completely exceed expectations by developing a whole new product to meet iCeL’s needs for the Energy Field, which feeds into the Anaheim Public Utility grid."

- iCeL Systems

What do you want YOUR system to do?

We can help you make that happen.

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