WattPlot™ ACKcess Ordering Process

WattPlot™ ACKcess is available for purchase, but please, don't buy it until you try it.  (It's a lot easier that way, trust us.)

  WattPlot ACKcess 6.0 License Order

WattPlot™ ACKcess 6.0 is our newest product in over 15 years of developing software for the renewable energy industry.  It is the premium tool for monitoring renewable energy systems from OutBack Power Systems, with components from other manufacturers being added on an ongoing basis.  Based on Modbus technology (while supporting other protocols for some components), ACKcess incorporates the most sophisticated real-time pen-plots available anywhere.  Other signature features include an animated graphical display of system performance, with extensive drill-down capabilities, tools, summaries, and more, all accessed from an extremely user-friendly interface.  Wattplot's powerful REactor tool also allows anyone to program their system to automatically respond to system events.

The PRO version includes:

  • a powerful Automatic Actions capability
  • support for multiple MATEs simultaneously monitored
  • all WattPlot SumMATE functionality
  • MATE3 settings programming (with MATE3 USB card)
  • system maintenance logging
  • sophisticated data diagnostics tools, and more!

Here's our recommended ordering process:

  1. Download WattPlot ACKcess.
  2. Run the setup program, then run WattPlot ACKcess.
  3. The program will guide you through the process of connecting to your renewable energy system gateway.  Once connected, ACKcess will display a Home screen showing the operation of your system in real-time.  This functionality requires no license or fee.  You may stop at this point, if you choose.
  4. If you entered your email settings then you can request an Automatic Trial Activation.  (Unfortunately, this functionality is typically limited in today's email program environment.)  Otherwise, email your Unique PC ID to us yourself.
  5. We will send you a one-time Activation Code, good for 15 (or more) days of the fully functional product.  (Note: Trial period starts from when we send out the code, not from when you first use it.)
  6. After a few days, if you want an unlimited license, you may choose to acquire a permanent WattPlot ACKcess license, using one of the following methods:

    You can use the appropriate PayPal button below.  Paypal accepts credit cards and other forms of payment (you do not need a PayPal account), and processes the transaction in Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars, as noted.
    You can mail a cheque or money order, made out to "Andrew Welch" and sent to
    Andrew Welch, 57 Mary Street, Alton, Ontario, CANADA,  L7K 0E3


    We really mean it - we can't send you a permanent activation until we get your unique PC ID which is created by WattPlot ACKcess when you start your trial activation.

      Canadian Customers
        HST #136747672
    U.S. and
    International Clients
    WattPlot™ ACKcess
    Permanent License

    $197.75 Cdn (175+HST)
    Early adopter discount!
    $113.00 Cdn

    $175 USD
    Early adopter discount!
    $100 USD

    You MUST read ALL of the above steps, please, BEFORE clicking a PayPal button!
    Do NOT "Buy Now" unless you have ALREADY received an evaluation key from us.
    Do step 4 first.  We CANNOT activate new orders without this information.

    Universities and other organizations requiring a quote/purchase order/invoice:
    Most WattPlot orders are completed same day.  Bureaucracies requiring quotes, supplier information forms, purchase orders, invoices, etc. have taken up to a year(!) to complete a transaction, with emails, faxes, and postage back and forth.  For this reason, we now quote an additional $25 processing fee for transactions requiring excessive paperwork.

  7. Upon receipt of payment, we will send you a permanent Activation Code, good for any combination of inverters (FX/FXR/Radian), charge controllers (MX/FM/Classic), and/or FLEXnet DC monitor, talking to any number of Modbus Gateways (MATE3/MATE3S/AXS Port, MS Classic).
  8. A paper receipt will be mailed to you, on request only.  Just send us your mailing address.


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