Notes on Device Firmware from OutBack Power Systems

WattPlot software gets its data from the OutBack MATE or MATE3 device.  If there are bugs in the MATE/MATE3 firmware, your data monitoring could fail.  OutBack Power Systems makes their current MATE3 firmware (and some older revisions) available on their website.

The MATE3 firmware went through a rough patch in the second half of 2014 and early 2015, leading to the creation of this page.  Fortunately, the code (and the policies), have improved greatly.

NOTE:  At one point there were two series of firmware for the MATE3: '002' for regular MATE3s, and '003' for OpticsRE activated MATE3s.  (This page only included information on the 002 series.)  These separate development streams have now been combined, so anyone can update to the 003 stream (RECOMMENDED!).

ALSO:  OutBack has an ill-advised habit of changing their URLs for long-standing pages on their own website.  While we try to keep the links given below up-to-date, they may have changed them again!  Such changes obviously degrade the usefulness of putting them out there, but, alas, that is out of our control.

As of March, 2017, this was the most recent MATE3 firmware download page.

IMPORTANT:  Changing the firmware on your MATE3 can be very persnicketty.  OutBack has many tips for this, such as using a clean SD card, powering the MATE3 down before and after for a few minutes to clear memory, and even running the actual Firmware Upgrade function more than once on the same files.  We recommend doing all of the above.

Click on the version number to download the firmware,
or on a comment to see the full reference.

MATE3 firmware, Version 003.015.005

Problems reported: Changes to the Modbus protocol render WattPlot Monitor, VisualMATE, and NetMATE versions prior to 6 July 2017 as inoperative (under Modbus).  Later releases have patches to get around the changes.

Release considered stable until further notice.  RECOMMENDED!

MATE3 firmware, Version 003.015.003

Problems reported: Apparent connectivity problems - not necessarily all sites.  This link includes some successful strategies, including multiple flashes of new firmware and letting MATE3 sit powered down for up to 30 minutes between upgrades to clear memory.
Related incomplete browser issues with "Please wait while loading cofiguration" message.
0kW display issues.
We note that OutBack has since removed the version 003.015.003 link from its webpage, but the above download link still works.

MATE3 firmware, Version 003.015.001

Problems reported: Various problems, including unfixed CRITICAL bug reported with UDP/IP data stream containg spurious messages and trashing communications.
Modbus communication is about 50% absent.  Modbus under this MATE3 firmware has an internal cycle which drops the connection about every 140 seconds and does not allow reconnect for 60 seconds.

MATE3 firmware, Version 003.015.000

Problems reported: CRITICAL bug reported with UDP/IP data stream containg spurious messages and trashing communications.
Circumstantial evidence suggests that Modbus will not work reliably under this firmware.
CRITICAL bug reported with Javascript.


MATE3 firmware, Version 003.011.000

Release considered stable.  RECOMMENDED!

MATE3 firmware, Version 003.009.000

Release considered stable.

MATE3 firmware, Version 002.019.000 (8 Jan 2015)

Problems reported: CRITICAL bug reported with UDP/IP data stream.

MATE3 firmware, Version 002.017.000

Problems reported: Critical bugs reported with temperature sensor issues and unresponsive MATE3 display.
FLEXnet DC corrupts SD Card Data files.
Also a bug reported in Display of Load on Home screen.


MATE3 firmware, Version 002.015.000

Problems reported: Bug reported in web interface screen.
Release considered stable.


MATE3 firmware, Version 002.013.000

Problems reported: Inconsistent bug reports.

MATE3 firmware, Version 002.011.000

Problems reported: Inconsistent bug reports.

MATE3 firmware, Version 002.009.000 (20 Jul 2012)

Problems reported: Changes from 002.006.007.
Release considered stable.


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